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The importance of having an exterior living space cannot be overestimated. Backyard decks are generally an excellent addition to your property. They give numerous benefits and can change your property’s backyard into a more usable and pleasant space for relaxing, having fun, or entertaining friends. We are a deck builder in Kalispell, MT, and we will collaborate closely with you to bring your vision for your new deck to life.

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Whether you’re upgrading a bathroom, adding a room, or completely renovating your house, you’ll want a skilled contractor on your side. CRS Renovations is a reliable general contractor to help you build your dream home.
A wood deck with wood benches on edge of the perimeter
Along with our superior work, we’re known for our professionalism and for going above and above in terms of customer service. We will never forget the fact that you are an important customer and we are a guest in your home on a daily basis.

We are a remodeling company in Kalispell, MT, with a team of skilled individuals who honestly and uniquely respect your objectives, requirements, budget, and deadline for completion.

Our Deck Construction Projects

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Customer Reviews

Please read through the reviews to see what our previous customers say about our deck construction in Kalispell, MT. If you have any questions about our services or our process, feel free to reach out to us and we will answer all of your questions.
Linda Marks
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"If you are looking for a knowledgeable, talented, honest person to do a remodel or build a deck you can find no better person than Phil. He is a rare combination of an expert in his craft, meticulous in execution and goes above and beyond in his service."
Richard Lawrence
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"Phil was open and honest about everything he worked on, he worked very hard to keep us within our budget. The quality of the work was top notch, we feel very fortunate to have found CRS and would use them again in a heartbeat."
Rich Terrett
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"Phil arrived on time as scheduled for a wall build. He built, drywalled, and taped in just a few hours. He was courteous and very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend for really any job you might have."
Paul Wachholz
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"CRS has been my go to company for all my remodeling needs. Phil has done four projects for me and they were all done on time and with quality workmanship."

Why You Should Add a Deck to Your Outdoor Living Space

A backyard deck is one of the most practical and cost-effective methods to add useful space to your property. When properly integrated into the structure, a deck will serve as an extension of the interior living spaces. By creating a big and open area, such as a deck, with chairs, tables, and other outdoor furniture, you can enjoy a comfortable and handy outdoor space.

Adding a deck to your property will significantly boost its market value. A well-built deck will provide a very high return on investment. Whether you intend to sell soon and want to enhance your market price, or you plan to sell years from now, constructing a deck today will increase the market value of a property.
A wide deck of a house near a barn
A deck constructed at the back of a house, a deck made of wood

Custom Deck Design & Construction Services

We are a deck contractor and a deck repair company in Kalispell, MT, that has years of design and construction experience and can make a perfect and durable custom deck for your outdoor enjoyment. From personalized deck creations to basic deck options, we have the skills and experience necessary to create an outdoor living space that is both beautiful and functional.

We will assist you in creating a custom deck that will seamlessly integrate with your home’s existing theme, color scheme, and landscape. We only use high-quality building materials and wood to guarantee that your new deck will provide years of enjoyment. Our mission is to provide you with an aesthetically pleasing custom-built deck that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

Composite Deck Builders

We are one of the most reputable composite deck builders in Kalispell, with over a decade of experience in the industry. We strongly advise you to choose composite decking.

Even though the initial costs are more than those of an untreated wooden deck, the investment is well worth it. By choosing a composite deck, you’ll benefit from improved longevity and low maintenance. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and estimate.

Wood Deck Builders

Many of our clients choose wood decks as a traditional and functional alternative. We’ll analyze traffic flow when building your wood deck, optimizing the amount of usable space on your deck.

We’re glad to mention that we always examine outdoor furniture to ensure that the deck space is correctly utilized once it’s completed. We enjoy creating unique wood deck project drawings for clients and demonstrating to them that they can have the deck of their dreams.

Deck Installation Services

Perhaps you don’t currently possess a deck but are searching for a competent deck contractor to install one for you. With us, you can feel confident that our skilled crew will understand your desired style and vision for your house.

We think it is critical for you to have creative power and freedom over the design of your deck. After all, you will be the one who will enjoy it daily once the project is complete.
Repairing the deck by installing new boards for the decking
A close-up of the decking and joist exposed needing repair

Deck Repair Services

Decks are often exposed to the elements 24 hours a day. This indicates they are extremely susceptible to the wear and tear associated with this exposure. Fortunately, if you reside in Kalispell and need a deck repair service, CRS Renovations can help.
A wide deck of a house near a barn

Our Deck Design and Construction Process

You’ve decided to create a deck, but have you considered the costs involved and the results you intend to achieve? What are your plans for it? These are critical points to consider. When you choose to collaborate with us, we will take your concepts and make them a reality. We will assist you in selecting the materials for your deck. After that, we’ll move on to the deck’s foundation and framework. We will be accessible to you at every stage of the deck construction process, and you can always approach us with any questions.

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