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CRS Renovations is a Sandpoint-based full-service general contractor. We specialize in post-frame home building, home additions, and kitchen and bathroom renovations. Contact us for a free consultation if you live in the Sandpoint area and are looking for a reliable general contractor.

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CRS Renovations

About Our Company

Whether you’re upgrading a bathroom, adding a room, or completely renovating your house, you’ll want a skilled contractor on your side. CRS Renovations is here to help you build your dream home.
A cozy living room with a fireplace, a stone wall surround for the fireplace, cushioned chairs, and a set of couch with pillows, carpeted floor, and an elegant center table
Along with our superior work, we’re known for our professionalism and for going above and above in terms of customer service. We never forget the fact that you are an important customer and we are a guest in your home on a daily basis.

We are a team of skilled individuals who honestly and uniquely respect your objectives, requirements, budget, and deadline for completion. Also, we provide detailed project quotes and keep you informed on all aspects of your project.

Services We Offer

At CRS Renovations, we specialize in changing your house into your dream home. If you’re ready to modify your existing home or construct a new one, our expert remodeling team is here to help you achieve your vision.
An ongoing Post-Frame Home construction

Post Frame Homes

Post-frame construction is an effective, inexpensive, and durable building method for practically any application. Reach out today and let’s talk.
A Simple yet Vibrant Kitchen with cool colors, a mini island, wall-mounted shelves, hanging pendant lights, and modern wooden stools

Kitchen Remodeling

Our skilled crew will help you transform your kitchen into a space where you can spend a pleasant time with friends and family. Let’s talk!
A bathroom remodel with a corner toilet area with a door, a freestanding bathtub, and a vanity area with marble countertop, and a wall-mounted light fixture

Bathroom Remodeling

We will transform your bathroom into a place of relaxation and retreat, as well as ensure that your plumbing and fixtures are functioning properly.
white movie room with black couch, table with glass on top

Home Additions

Home additions are the ideal method to transform your home and provide you and your family with the space and amenities you’ve always desired.
A wide deck of a house near a barn

Deck Construction

Decks offer the perfect outdoor environment for partying or relaxing. They also add beauty and value to your property.

Talk To Us About Your Project

If you’re considering a new post-frame home or remodeling project, contact us to schedule a consultation. We’ll get you started and walk you through the process.

Our Previous Remodeling Projects

Take a look at our photo gallery to get a better idea of what we specialize in. If you like what you see, please fill out our contact form. We would love to speak with you about your project!

Customer Reviews

Please read through the reviews to see what our previous customers are saying about working with us. If you have any questions about our services or our process, feel free to reach out to us and we will answer all of your questions.
Linda Marks
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"If you are looking for a knowledgeable, talented, honest person to do a remodel or build a deck you can find no better person than Phil. He is a rare combination of an expert in his craft, meticulous in execution and goes above and beyond in his service."
Richard Lawrence
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"Phil was open and honest about everything he worked on, he worked very hard to keep us within our budget. The quality of the work was top notch, we feel very fortunate to have found CRS and would use them again in a heartbeat."
Rich Terrett
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"Phil arrived on time as scheduled for a wall build. He built, drywalled, and taped in just a few hours. He was courteous and very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend for really any job you might have."
Paul Wachholz
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"CRS has been my go to company for all my remodeling needs. Phil has done four projects for me and they were all done on time and with quality workmanship."

Kitchen Remodeling

If you take energy usage seriously, you shouldn’t put off remodeling your kitchen. When you update your kitchen, not only will it become more comfortable, but your energy expenses will decrease as well. This is because a kitchen redesign allows you to update to Energy Star-certified appliances. Furthermore, you would be able to maximize your energy savings without sacrificing any desired features.

Kitchen remodeling is one of the best home improvement tasks you can undertake. In addition to increasing the value of your property, a kitchen redesign will also make your home more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Even if you have no plans to sell your house in the near future, there are still many benefits to improving your old kitchen.
An elegant kitchen interior with artistic pendant lights, decorative tile backsplash, and ceramic countertops
A luxurious bathroom with marble flooring and countertop, mirrors, and mounted light fixtures mounted on it.

Bathroom Remodeling

We are a full-service design-and-build company, which means we will be with you throughout the entire bathroom renovation project. Our design experts can assist you in selecting every aspect of your new bathroom, including color, trim, tubs, shower, toilet, cabinets, accessories, lighting, and more! Regardless of the design or style you desire, we can create the bathroom of your dreams.

We start our design and construction process with a consultation. We will measure your existing area in order to design a construction plan. We keep you informed at every point so that there are no surprises. Whether you require a simple bathroom update or a complete bathroom remodel, we are respectful of your living space.

Home Additions and Expansions

First and foremost, most homeowners desire to expand their living space when discussing the possibility of building an addition. Everything from Christmas decorations to exercise equipment can be stored in a home. You can drastically increase the amount of usable space in your home by building an addition, whether it’s a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or family room. A tiny change might have a big impact on your bottom line. It’s surprising how much extra room you can create by adding a few extra feet to a small bathroom or kitchen.
A living room with fireplace, recessed wall shelves, cabinets, television, carpet on the floor, a cushioned chair, a lamp on the corner, and a table with plant ornament
An ongoing Post-Frame Home construction

Post-Frame Home Construction

Post-frame construction is a very cost-effective building technique. Because post-framing does not require a foundation, has fewer parts, and consequently requires less effort, they are relatively cost-effective to install. Reduced materials translate to decreased overhead expenses and work, resulting in a substantial reduction in the total construction costs.

Post-frame construction uses a special combination of robust posts and directly connected, heavy-duty roof trusses. This form of construction, along with the steel panel roofs and siding saw on the majority of post-frame buildings, results in an incredibly sturdy structure. The ability of post-frame buildings to withstand extremely heavy snow loads and powerful wind gusts is one of the reasons why this building type is chosen for a variety of buildings.

Custom Deck Design and Construction

Deck provides an ideal location for entertaining guests. If you want to invite guests to your home for dinner, you might consider having a deck available as a venue for entertaining. You’ll be able to invite more guests than if you were limited to the inside area. When the weather is nice, the party will almost always flow out onto your deck, and this new space will surely become the center of attention.

If you add a deck to your property, its value and appeal will increase. Homebuyers like to see a family-friendly outside space, and a deck area is an often desired element. When a potential buyer is narrowing down the finalists and focusing on the specifics, a home with a deck is an ideal choice.
Two floors of deck in a house made of wood decking, railings, and railing posts

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Sandpoint, ID

Sandpoint is the county seat and largest city in Bonner County, Idaho. According to the 2020 census, its population was 8,639 people. Forest products, light manufacturing, tourism, recreation, and government services are among Sandpoint’s primary economic contributors. It has a vibrant retail sector being the major service center in two northern Idaho counties (Bonner and Boundary), as well as northeastern Montana. It is the headquarters of utility aircraft manufacturer Quest Aircraft as well as salad dressing company Litehouse Foods.

Sandpoint is located on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho’s largest lake, and is bordered by three main mountain ranges: the Selkirk, Cabinet, and Bitterroot mountains. Schweitzer Mountain Resort, Idaho’s largest ski resort, is located here, as are the International Selkirk Loop and two National Scenic Byways (Wild Horse Trail and Pend Oreille Scenic Byway). Among other honors given by national media during the last decade, Sandpoint was named the nation’s “Most Beautiful Small Town” in 2011 by Rand McNally and USA Today.

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